Brainstorm everything that your special person could:

    • Likes and favourite things
    • What they use day to day
    • What they read
    • What activities they participate in
    • What simply makes them laugh

    For example: I have a friend who lives and dies for makeup, basically makeup is her world! She has over 20 different kinds of lipsticks and shades, she can never have enough. She also happens to love anything pink and rose gold and shops at places like Mecca, Sephora and Ultra. 

    2. MAKE A LIST

    So we have all the information – items, colours, places to shops etc., it’s  time to make a clean list.

    I tend to have a limit of 5 -7 items, which keeps it simple and way easier when selecting a perfectly fitting gift.

    TIP: Try to have a list of items that are small, medium and big so it allows budget flexibility when shopping.


    3. BUDGET

    Even though they are someone special, most of us have a budget.

    Before attempting to shop make sure you understand how much you can spend. This will save you time and effort when shopping whilst also allowing yourself to really enjoy the experience rather than getting stressed out. Your budget doesn’t have to be huge, as your gift’s purpose is to show how much you care.  After all it’s the thought that counts!



    Now that we have got a list of great ideas, places to buy a gift and budget, It’s time to get shopping!

    Nowadays, you can find just about anything online and get it delivered directly to you.  Firstly, google the items or places you’re thinking of on your list. If ever unsure, research the company, read reviews or check them out on Facebook or Instagram to ensure the shop and product is reputable.  When selecting a gift refer to your list so it’s aligned to the criteria (items, colours, budget etc.). Lastly, follow you gut, if you feel it’s going to be special and will surprise them then it likely will!



    Before purchasing the item/s always check the delivery times as you’ll want to ensure it gets delivered to you in time for the special occasion/event. 

    Once you have purchased a special gift, it’s also important to note the size of the gift as this will help you greatly when selecting the gift wrapping.

    TIP: I usually allow approximately 2 weeks in advance prior the occasion/event and mark it in my phone calendar as an alert.  That way I don’t forget or feel the last-minute stress.


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