Hello, I'm Ange the Founder and CEO of WRAPPING KIT. 

I first started making gift wrapping kits and packaging in 2015 and gradually  developed it into the WRAPPING KIT company today. Having a love for papers, ribbons, bows and sweet little cards that say I love you, I was excited produce and put on the market the first ever Gift Wrapping Kit. 

We are an Eco- Friendly gift wrap, zero waste gift wrap brand based in Sydney, Australia that ship globally.

Our mission is to reduce gift wrap waste in the world but still wrap beautiful things, making hearts melt while unapologetically taking the credit.

Our Wrapping Philosophy
What we believe, delivered to you
  • Zero waste
  • A complete kit that's styled to impress
  • Cut & Measured to wrap your gift
  • Saves you time
  • Affordable 
  • We always aim environmentally friendly paper & ribbons
  • We ask you re-purpose your bows and ribbons
I truly understand the thoughtfulness when choosing that perfect gift for someone. That's why I developed a range of Wrapping Kits that are easy and  special for you to wrap your gift.
We are so happy that you here, go check out our collection and buy some wrapping kits for your next occasions.
Happy wrapping!
Ange xox